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Thursday, November 20, 2008

by Damiel Quinn

(Read by Youtubers)


Comments and Reviews of Ishmael
"From now on I will divide the books I have read into two categories -- the ones I read before Ishmael and those read after."
-- Jim Britell, Whole Earth Review

"A thoughtful, fearlessly low-key novel about the role of our species in the planet... laid out for us with an originality and a clarity that few would deny."
-- The New York Times Book Review

"Wonderfully engaging... Think of Robert Pirsig in Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, or B.F. Skinner in Walden Two..."
-- Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Quinn entraps us in the dialogue itself, in the sweet and terrible lucidity of Ishmael's analysis of the human condition... It was surely for this deep, clear persuasiveness of argument that Ishmael was awarded its prize."
-- The Washington Post

"... unusual, even eccentric enough to place Quinn on the cult literal map... both Socrates and King Kong might be pleased."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"...Suspenseful, inventive and socially urgent as any fiction or nonfiction book you are likely to read this or any other year."
-- The Austin Chronicle

"... fascinating... Quinn's smooth style and his intriguing proposals should hold the attention of readers interested in daunting dilemmas that beset our planet."
-- Publishers Weekly