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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Problem With Old People

The Problem With Old People
When a human is a child, he takes in all the knowledge he can without having to worry about that knowledge challenging his preconceived ideologies and notions of how things are supposed to be. Children can learn more purely because they don't have as many ideas that have been set in stone that can keep them from accepting new knowledge.

Learning requires one to allow the challenging, and possible change, of ideas that were previously held in high esteem. In order to learn something, one must be willing to risk the changing of ideas that were held as truth. When an adult reaches a certain age, or mindset, he is less willing to challenge ideologies that he has held as foundations of his reality. There is a certain element of comfortablity that one does not wish to relinquish for knowledge that is contrary to his long-held beliefs.

This is the problem with old people (old, not meaning physically, but mentally). One can be old in his mind at a young age. When one stops learning because it is uncomfortable to change what has been held as the truth for so long, one has become old in his mind. One may hold a belief system that he was taught as a child and never challenge it because he does not see any reason for it to be challenged. It has worked for so long, and been held in such high esteem, that his identity would be lost if he challenged his preconceived ideologies.

If there is going to be any change in the minds of the people for the betterment of humanity, the people themselves must realize that one must be open to challenging his beliefs in order to learn anything. One cannot truly learn if he is not allowing himself to question the things that he holds as truths.

One must question everything. Question reality. The reality that each human holds is the reality of that individual human. No other human shares that reality. We seem to identify ourselves with groups and ideologies, but our realities differ form the others in the group. Each human has come to the conclusion of his reality through the things that he has learned in his life. And, every human has walked a different path. So, we may have shared visions, but we still hold our own individual reality.

The problems that we face in our world, and our worldview, are not going to be solved by those whose minds are closed to challenging the paradigms that have been instituted in our consciousness. The change that needs to take place is going to happen because the people reject the paradigms that have been holding us in the current form of slavery, which is a mental slavery. Our minds have been controlled by the worldview that we have been taught by our parents, our culture, our TV's, and anything that implies the idea of conformity over thinking for ourselves.

The only savior upon whom we can rely is our self.