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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Global Industialization

Global Industialization

Sky and sea and land
are not the property of man
but man belongs to them
he cannot conquer himself
so he conquers everything else
creating the fallacy of wealth
giving rise to the empire of hell
making lies so easy to sell
that no one will even rebel
against the tyranny of title

Verse #1:

How many truths must you see
before you see the harm of industry?
we're living in the age of information
biological objectification, cultural indoctrination,
genocidal desensitization,
in a zealous but impractical perpetuation.

Verse #2:

How many truths must you see
before you see the harm of civilization?
We're living in the age of information
a suicidal extermination, with cataclysmal determination,
but we need a total discontinuation
of this global industrialization.


ozjthomas said...

I really do like this scale, you called it dorian, it's very interesting. I don't know the first thing about music, though the colors feel darker with this, rather than the brighter colors of a straight up chord. I think this kind of chord really suits your work or even minor chords, which I am partial to, because of Bartok and the Blues. Nice work, mate, keep it coming. =)

Jon David said...

Yeah, another good one bro...I'll agree with ozjthomas; the melody is always very sobering and right in line with the subject matter. Keep them coming.
Also, I think your videos on music theory were pretty cool too...simple and informative.